Solar Powered Shed Kits

Solar Shed Lighting and Power Kits

Sun-In-One™ Solar Shed Lighting and Power Kits can transform a shed, pavilion, shelter or out building into a well-lit usable space with DC and AC power, without the expensive costs associated with trenching, wiring or electrical connections.

The Sun-In-One™ Solar Shed Lighting Kit includes the necessary roof flashing and all of the wires from the solar panels to the Power Unit Box. The batteries and electrical components are all self-contained within the Unit Box.

This box can be permanently affixed to the inside of your building. The high lumen output, long-life, and LED lights can be mounted up to 20 feet from the Power Unit Box to easily light up your structure. Complete setup in as little as 90 minutes.

All lights are 20 Watt 4 ft LED Tube Lights, and all batteries are 12V. Each kit also includes all cables, Fiberglass Battery Box, Roof Flashing, Racking, Fixtures, Connectors, and a Charge Controller. Contact us to receive a User Manual

Kit # # of Lights LED Wall Pack Battery    Capacity Inverter Panel Spec Sheet
1 1 NA (1) 55 AH 250 Watt (1) 100 Watt Link
2 1 (1) 7 Watt (1) 84 AH 250 Watt (2) 100 Watt Link
3 2 (1) 7 Watt (1) 140 AH 300 Watt (2) 250 Watt Link
4 4 (1) 7 Watt (2) 290 AH 600 Watt (3) 250 Watt Link
Key Features

Whole System Integration – The Power Unit Box is pre-wired with the battery and other components.

Durability – Built with Grade “A” corrosion resistant fiberglass, aluminum and steel. Comes with water resistant hardware.

Simplicity – Quick and easy install and operation. No high install charges; avoid trenching and digging. The system is plug-and-charge, after simple mounting of panels and racking.

Low Maintenance – Battery is maintenance-free, panels last 25 years.

Shed Kit Uses and Applications

Backyard Shed – great for backyard tool sheds or storage sheds

Shipping container lights & power – also can be used for large shipping containers

Remote Cabins – a great source of power for remote cabins that don’t have consistent power

Barns – excellent lighting solutions for farmers

Gazebos – adds a great aesthetic to your Gazebo and perfect lighting for this outdoors applications



5-yr warranty on LED lights

5-yr warranty on the battery

25-yr limited warranty on the solar panels

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Kit 3
Kit 2
Kit 4