Sun-In-One Solar lights

What is in a good Solar Sign Lighting Product?

Have you ever driven past a business at night and seen broken, dimmed signs or partially lit words on a building?

With our solar sign lighting kits, you can have state of the art solar powered lighting for sign kits operated completely free from the electrical grid with green energy from the sun. Sun-In-One offers various sign lighting kits for businesses, homes and anywhere else. Both internal and external sign lighting kits are available.

Applications of Sun-In-One Sign Lighting Kits Include 

  • hotels
  • shopping centers
  • office complexes
  • neighborhood entryways
  • many more!

About Solar Sign Lighting

The high quality mono-crystalline solar panels ensure that you are getting the most solar power possible. Solar panel wattage may vary depending on your power needs and the solar panel racking is also included. Installation of full solar sign lighting kits can be completed in 90 minutes or less. The battery boxes are pre-wired with batteries and other components.

The MPPT charge controllers allow Sun-In-One to provide timed lighting controls specific to your business needs. The MPPT controller products 30% more power than a PMW controller and has Bluetooth controls and data logging for up-to 30 days of production for fast and easy analysis and trouble shooting. These kits are also designed to run off as little as two hours of sunlight a day.

But which kit you need is based on the area of the world you are in or you can look at Sun-In-One zone map and if you have shade at the site for any time from 9 to 3pm.
Additionally, the Sun-In-One sign lighting kits are able to provide power for your sign lighting for up to three days from one full day of charging. This allows you not to worry about gloomy or cloudy days. 

Further key design features include simplicity and low maintenance with panels that last up to 25 years. Sun-In-One’s modular design also allows for optional add-ons. Sun-In-One currently provides 180 different kits for various sized signs and applications. 

Set your business apart today and go to or call 302-762-3100 for more information on how our sign lighting kits can work for you.


These systems eliminate the cost of electricity by using solar power. The kits are also easy to install with little to no trenching for underground wire. The kits can also be customized to meet your specific needs. Each kit comes with solar panels, charge controllers, lighting controls, racking to mount the solar panel, batteries enclosed in a weatherproof box as well as pole options. Sun-In-One sign lighting kits are durable and built with water resistant hardware.

Solar sign lighting kits are designed from 10 watts to 250 watts of lighting and can power sign lighting for signs of various sizes both internally with LED sign lights and externally with sign LED flood light. Sign lighting kits are practical and cost-effective for any application. Whether trying to cut long term costs or looking for an alternative to running traditional 120 voltage wire, the cost of trenching wire underground can be more expensive then the kit itself, so solar sign lighting kits are the answer.