Reliable on-site power sources are necessary for the continuous operation of telecommunication systems. Cellular towers and repeaters require constant power to ensure network stability, and maintain and refueling a generator is expensive, inefficient, and time-consuming. As networks develop and expand, more and more companies have been turning to alternative energy solutions to power their telecommunication infrastructure.

We believe our solar energy solutions are the best for this application. Our containerized solution is easy to install and requires little to no pre-existing structures. We are capable of scaling our system to any energy needs, and our containerized design allows us to deploy our system virtually anywhere. Our systems have battery storage and a generator backup to ensure maximum reliability, but using solar energy as the main source of power keeps fuel and maintenance costs to a minimum. This, alongside remote monitoring systems, means fewer on-site visits and therefore fewer operational costs.

Power Units for:


Cellular Towers

Cellular towers are often times in remote areas with little infrastructure around them. Minimizing the amount of service they require helps drive down operation costs. Our containerized solar micro grids are quick and easy to install, require very little infrastructure, and can reliably provide on-site power without interruption. Our micro grids come pre-wired, and solar energy keeps operations green and at a low cost.


Extend the range and coverage area of a telecommunications network to hard-to-reach and remote locations with our solar power kits. Our kits can be scaled to power any equipment necessary, and we also offer a variety of data backhauling options in order to strengthen connections. Our kits are easily installed, require little infrastructure, and can be retrofitted to existing structures easily.

Local Networks

Local networks are very useful and can provide internet access to various buildings. Setting up antenna can be difficult, however, as the best locations for signal strength tend to be a good distance from any electrical hook-ups. Our solar energy kits make it easy to install antennas and repeaters at the best vantage points, and offer clean, reliable energy that can be scaled to power any system in either AC or DC current.

Array Location Zone

Zone = Historical Peak Sun Hours in the worst month of the year with solar panel at 45⁰ angle.

Map shows the Zones we have designed standard kits for but all kits need full sun from 8am to 4pm with no shade to the south of your solar panels.

Irradiation and Zone-Maps
Irradiation and Zone Maps

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