Over 10 years of experience has given us at Sun-In-One the knowledge and understanding to be able to design and install virtually any system of any size for any application. Our experience ranges from small, low voltage power kits to solar hot water systems, to containerized micro grids up to 5 megawatts. Read our Compatibility Statement.

Government Agency We Work With

Navy, Army, Coast Guard, Park Service, Department of Energy, Interior Department, NASA, Canada Guard, and many cities and states.

Power Units for:


We have worked to design and build some of the most reliable solar energy systems for communications on the market. Our containerized solutions can be scaled to any power needs, while our battery storage and a backup generators make it extremely reliable. We also have experience with small-scale localized networks, creating wireless backhauling systems for surveillance and data.


Expand GPS networks and fill in dead spots with Sun-In-One solar energy kits. Our kits make it possible to bring on-site power to remote locations, where large scale infrastructure is either lacking or can’t be established at all. Our kits are engineered for maximum reliability and can help provide a crucial service in emergencies.

Remote Bathrooms

Bring lighting and power to remote bathrooms in state and national parks. Our solar power and lighting kits are perfect for remote power applications. Easily installed onto existing structures, our kits are durable and reliable, capable of withstanding harsh weather conditions while consistently providing power and lighting. High efficiency LED lights means low power usage and high-quality light.


Monitor weather over large areas using Sun-In-One solar energy kits. Our kits are easily installed, and can be used anywhere there is sun. Our various data backhauling options means that various data gathering posts can be interconnected to create a network, sharing and sending data to a central command point and creating a more complete analysis of weather in an area. This application is good for meteorological surveys as well as gathering information for agriculture.

Micro Grids and Off-Grid Power

Sun-in-One has experience designing and installing 100% solar micro grids, and with our containerized micro grid solution, implementation is quick and cost-effective. Our efforts have led to one of the largest 100% solar micro grids in the world on Annobon Island, Equatorial Guinea. 

We build reliable systems with large energy storage capabilities, as well as a backup generator in case of emergencies. Our systems are extremely versatile, and come pre-wired for ease of installation and quality control. We can also integrate a grid-tie system so that the micro grid can connect and feed power to the main grid.

Sun-In-One has become an expert at designing and installing off-grid power systems. Whether for increased reliability, ease of installation, or lower operational costs, there are many reasons to use off-grid solar power. All of our solar energy kits are available as off-grid, and our experience creating 100% solar micro grids has helped us increase and assure the reliability of our systems.

Monitoring and Surveillance

Our solar energy kits can be applied virtually anywhere, including providing power to various remote monitoring systems. These can be with data acquisition, security and surveillance, or system management and operations.

Sun-In-One offers a host of surveillance products, ranging from simply security camera power kits, to fully outfitted solar powered security cameras with data backhauling. Our kits provide steady, reliable power in both AC and DC currents and their independence from the grid means security systems are not vulnerable to power failures or brown-outs.


Sun-In-One’s LEDs are top-of-the-line, offering high-quality light with a color rendering index (CRI) of 95. Our LEDs are the only ones with a CRI of 95, and the quality shows. We have various options, ranging from bulbs, to tube lights, to strip lights, and even street lights. High efficiency LEDs reduce the load on an electrical grid, saving both energy and money that can then be used elsewhere. LEDs have a long lifespan as well, and can last for over 20 years, making them ideal in all cases as light sources.


Array Location Zone

Zone = Historical Peak Sun Hours in the worst month of the year with solar panel at 45⁰ angle.

Map shows the Zones we have designed standard kits for but all kits need full sun from 8am to 4pm with no shade to the south of your solar panels.

Irradiation and Zone-Maps
Irradiation and Zone Maps