With More Than 12 Years Of Experience, Sun-In-One Is One Of The Most Established Solar Lighting and Off Grid power Firms located In the Wilmington, Delaware USA

Sun-In-One™ is dedicated to engineering the most efficient high CRI solar-powered plug and play kit lighting and power solutions for every-day applications.  These include our solar sign lighting kits, security camera power unit kits, solar shed lighting and power kits, bus shelter lighting kits, mail box lighting kits, traffic counting power unit kits, Sun-in-One Sky Eye streetlights, and landscape lighting power units kits. Need reliable energy, that is critical, our high-performing integrated solutions match on-grid reliability, efficiency and safety benchmarks. Our kits are designed and built with our commit to maintaining our high standard through continuous research and development that will deliver superior products with a measurable ROI.

Our solar power and lighting kits come as a plug and play kit.  This allows your off grid lighting kit to be installed in a short period of time.  Our lighting systems are designed to give you commercial quality light where needed when needed.  Our solar powered street and pathway lighting systems are designed to run dusk to dawn.  Designing the right solar power system means we design it for your location.   Solar power is not a one size fits all.  That is why we show you zone maps for your location.  Our solar powered system last for years with long warranties.  

We are an industry leading business who has accumulated over 12 years of experience in solar energy.  We maintain a connection to our customers and our message of spreading high quality long lasting renewable energy. We are Based in Wilmington, Delaware in the United States, we serve people across the United States as well other countries internationally. Want to find out more? We manufacture standard products and custom solar power and storage solutions.  Contact us with any questions about us, our products, or our services. We are always happy to help!