What is CRI?

CRI is a measure of a lights sources ability to show objects colors “realistically or naturally” compared with their true color or Sunlight. High CRI lights also put off professional level of color all the time, this used to be reserved just for professional photographers or Art galleries. Whether you’re an artistic person or not, our eyes are sensitive to light quality and color. A red shirt lit directly with noontime sunlight will render much different than if lit under a fluorescent bathroom light. The High CRI of our LED will help identify objects with the better light.

Why is the Sun-In-One LED with a 95+ CRI important to you?

– Displays all colors in almost natural light, making it easier to distinguish slight shades of colors and tones – See the true color of meats, fruits, and vegetables in the grocery display case – Enhances skin tone, hues, and textures, making rooms and products in them look their best – converting foot traffic into sales – Reduces eye strain in the office, workplace or at school, increasing productivity and safety – Easier to distinguish colors in security cameras – Less light distortion at night when driving and the colors you are seeing a closer to real colors that could decrease your reaction time while driving.
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What is CRI and why you want an LED with a high CRI?

Color Rendering Index, commonly referred to as CRI, is a method we can use to measure how color looks to the human eyes, depending on the light source as compared to the sun. The CRI provides a scale of values up to 100, with 100 being the best color rendering light quality and a value below zero representing very poor color rendering. When a light has a CRI of 100, it means that there is no difference in color rendition between the light and the reference light (the sun). Likewise, a CRI of 75 means that the light bulb renders a 75% replication of the visible colors that the sun shows, given that both lights have the same color temperature. That is the cri of the average streetlight. Our eyes are sensitive to light quality and color. The higher the CRI value, the more accurate the colors will be.