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SKYEYE™ Street Lighting Systems

SkyEye Street Light

SKYEYE™ is a complete LED Street Light and Parking Lot Light System with optional features including super bright LED lights, plug & play wireless controls, active motion sensing, and a top-rated video security camera. SKYEYE™ provides the necessary light to illuminate the surrounding area to capture high resolution, full color video at night and during the day – and provides 360º coverage for observation and surveillance.

Consumer Solar Products

Consumer Solar Products

Charging your cell phone, rechargeable batteries, MP3 players, laptop computers, and other electronics are always a challenge during outdoor adventures, in remote areas or during power outages. Our line of quality, portable solar panels provide a lightweight, compact recharging tool that’s easy to power many devices.

Solar Sign Lighting Kits

Solar Sign Lighting Kits

Whether installing new or existing sign lights, Sun-In-One™ has the perfect solar light kit for your needs. These kits are ideal for situations where it isn’t practical or cost effective to run traditional low voltage wire.

Solar Powered Video Surveillance Kit

Solar Powered Video Surveillance kit

Our weather solar surveillance kit features a high resolution camera zoom lens, on screen display and day/night digital signal processor. It includes a water-proof wireless transmitter that ranges up to one mile away, as well as a digital DVR, solar panel and enclosed battery housing.

LED Lighting

LED Lighting Kits

Sun-In-One™ has some of the highest quality LED bulbs and fixtures on the market. LED’s present many advantages over incandescent light sources including lower energy consumption, higher lumen output, longer lifetime, and faster switching.