Environmental Monitoring

Collecting data on the conditions of a local environment is crucial to many industries. Creating a network of off grid data-gathering modules gives the best results.  Providing power to this monitoring equipment for flood control, solar strength, and farming that require at the on-site generation. This monitoring equipment are not normally large enough to merit a generator, renewable energy becomes the best solution.

Understanding rainfall, flooding, wind speeds, and other meteorological occurrences is necessary for agricultural as well as public safety applications. Monitoring wildlife such as fish and game is necessary for conservation efforts, especially in nature reserves rivers and parks.

We believe our solar energy kits are the best solution for these applications. Our versatile kits can support any monitoring system of any power requirement, and our reliable energy storage design means no gaps in data points. Installation is quick and easy, and the final structure is minimally invasive, meaning a reduced effect on the surrounding environment. They speed the installation of the Monitoring equipment. We also can provide back hauling options, which allow data to be sent and processed at a central command point.

Wind Farms

Auxiliary systems for wind farms require power and by avoiding using the same power that the wind turbines generate, there is a great benefit. By providing on-site low-voltage power in both AC and DC current and being deployable anywhere, our kits are the perfect solution.

Fish Monitoring

Monitor aquatic environments easily at various points with our solar power kits. Simply install our kit near or at the application point and hook up sensors and data gathering equipment to get the desired result. We can provide power at any scale and our back hauling options can transmit data to a central command point. Maintain oxygen, pH, and salinity levels by studying how they fluctuate as the environment changes. Our kits are perfect for streams and lakes as well as large-scale fish farms.

Early Warning Systems

In emergency situations or in the event of a natural disaster, it is very possible that a centralized grid goes offline. This means early warning systems and public communication infrastructure must be kept on micro grids in order to ensure energy security. Our reliable off-grid solar energy kits are the perfect solution to this problem. Easily installed and scaled to any power needs, our kits provide steady, necessary power wherever needed, and have enough energy storage to function for days without sun.

Weather Stations

Weather Monitoring is very important to the safety of the public and industrial assets and the kits power both the weather monitoring and data storage but also can power the back hauling of that data to a central monitoring station.

Flood Control Monitoring

Relaying water levels of rivers and streams can be a life saver for road closures and future flooding downstream. Our solar units provide both power for data storage and for back hauling of that real time data.


DC Wattage for all uses of power in the kits for 24/7 power
AC Wattage for all uses of power in the kits for 24/7 power
Power Wattage used per hour
Power Wattage used per hour





Power Units for:

Array Location Zone

Zone = Historical Peak Sun Hours in the worst month of the year with solar panel at 45⁰ angle.

Map shows the Zones we have designed standard kits for but all kits need full sun from 8am to 4pm with no shade to the south of your solar panels.

Irradiation and Zone-Maps
Irradiation and Zone Maps

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