SkyEye™ Security
Camera Systems

SkyEye™ Security Camera Systems

SkyEye™ is a complete LED Street Light and Parking Lot Light System with optional features including super bright LED lights, plug & play wireless controls, active motion sensing, and a top-rated video security camera. This security system provides full coverage and surveillance, and will fully light any area necessary. Our energy-efficient system can also be solar or hybrid-powered, meaning your surveillance network can be completely off-grid and immune to power failures.

SkyEye™ uses intelligent motion sensing as an active deterrent and an energy optimizer: our system only uses power when it needs it. Each SkyEye™ is equipped with a speaker an microphone for active communication between any remote location and the site in question. Our video backhauling options allow for simple and limitless expansion of any security surveillance system, and our video management software is free and can be integrated with any existing main-stream VMS. The SkyEye™ is the embodiment of a smart streetlight .

By offering smart surveillance and the opportunity for Wi-Fi connectivity around a designated area, SkyEye™ is an excellent tool for any Smart City in any place on the Earth.

  • Wi-Fi, Public or Private
  • Security Camera with Analytics
  • Two Way Communication
  • Ability to Read License Plates
  • Motion Sensing Lights
  • Understand the Flow of Pedestrian and Automobile Traffic
  • People Counting


Using SkyEye™ Security Camera Systems has a host of benefits. Low energy and installation costs keep any project manageable, and simple maintenance ensures that our system will keep you safe for a long time. We use a universal mounting design, which means SkyEye™ can easily be integrated into existing infrastructure.

Our wireless video backhauling options include line of site, WLAN, cellular, or long-range. Each option is fast and secure, and completely scalable, allowing for the construction of even terabytes worth of video collection. The full-color 6 megapixel surveillance camera shoots in ultra-HD, and has an optional thermal lens.

The camera records only when needed, saving on both energy and data requirements. SkyEye™ can be both AC grid powered, or it can be integrated with Sun-In-One™ solar and hybrid power units. This takes your lighting and security surveillance system off-grid, making it immune to brown-out or power failures. This also eliminates the need for expensive wiring or trenching, as our design puts the power supply at the point of use. Isolating a security system like this makes it more secure and reliable, removes monthly utility bills, lowers overall operations costs, and is environmentally friendly. SkyEye™ lets you protect any area you want while being green at the same time!

Irradiation and Zone-Maps
Irradiation and Zone Maps

SkyEye™ Security Camera Systems Quote

To discuss your security video surveillance and lighting needs or receive a price quote, contact a Sun-In-One representative. We are standing by to help you improve the safety and security of your enterprise for you and your employees. SkyEye™ LED Street Lights and Parking Lot Lights have numerous cost efficient solutions for any area.