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solar sign lighting kits solutions

When people are searching for solar sign lighting kits solutions, they often have a lot of questions and do not know what questions to ask to complete their sign project. Let’s explore some of the key aspects they might inquire about:

Where is the sign going to be installed?

Determining the location of the sign is crucial. Is it near a building entrance, along a highway, or in a public space? The installation site impacts the choice of lighting and solar solution.

What are the dimensions of the sign?

Understanding the sign’s size helps determine the appropriate lighting coverage. Larger signs may require multiple fixtures for even illumination Or more LED diodes for an internally lite sign.

Is the sign going to be flood illuminated or internally illuminated?

Flood illumination involves external lighting directed at the sign face, while internal illumination uses light sources within the sign structure. The choice affects the type of solar lighting system needed.

If flood illuminated, is the sign single or double-sided?

If flood illuminated, is the sign single or double-sided?
Single-sided signs face one direction, while double-sided signs are visible from both sides. Double-sided signs require additional lighting to ensure visibility.

If internally illuminated, what LED module and how many?

For internally lit signs, the specific LED modules and their quantity play a crucial role. Efficient LEDs provide consistent illumination.

Why is it so important to pick the highest output LED module when you are powering it with solar?

The highest output LED’S reduce the wattage needed and the difference can save thousands on larger kits. So using the least costly led modules may not be your best bet and can increase the projects over all cost.

Why do you not want to over stuff internally lite signs with extra LED Modules?

You only to put enough led’smodules in the sign to light it because the more wattage you need the bigger the solar sign lighting kit needs to be and the more you will be paying for the kit.

In designing the internally lite sign the depth of the sign is important to optimize the lighting, why?

Different types of LED work better at different depths the main LED’s are string LED’s which work well on single sided signs but require twice as many modules if you have a double sided sign. Verse edge LED modules uses lower wattage to lite two sided Signs but do not work on signs wider than 14 inches in most case.

How long per night does the sign need to operate?

Understanding the required operating hours helps size the solar solution appropriately. Longer operation may require larger battery capacity. Longer run time also means larger solar array to help recharge the bigger batteries.

Any other requirements or restrictions for the project?

Consider any specific project constraints, such as local regulations, aesthetic preferences, or environmental factors like shading.

Think about the Sun needed to power the sign?

At the sign site you are looking to put the sign and the solar power unit, you need to have full sun from 9am to 3pm or yon will need to adjust part of you solar system. If you can not get direct sun at the location of the sign you can put the system up to 150 feet away but adjusting some the electrical system is required.

Do you want to have the solar integrated into the sign?

If you have the sign with right conditions you can integrate the solar into your solar design, but your sign needs to be facing east west so the face of your sign is facing north south. Your second issue is the top of the sign needs to be able to integrate one or two solar panels at an angle as close to 45 degrees facing south. Solar panels come in standard width sizes 20, 26, 34 39, 44. The lengths also effect your design at 26.5, 34, 45, 58, 65 78, 89 inches. This is why working with solar off grid experts to help you design the solar system for your sign. 

Why do you need to use high quality Light? Is CRI Important?

The higher the quality of light you use on external sign lighting the better it is to read and understand the sign in the few seconds people have to look at. So using a LED with a CRI over 90 is a must to provide the truest color and highest clarity.

What about the color of the LED lighting for signs?

Color of lighting for external lite signs run from a low of 3k to 7K . the lower you color temperature the more amber or Yellow the light is and the higher color temperature is the whiter your light is. 4k is the happy medium and is has less blue light which can strain the eyes.

Irradiation and Zone-Maps
Irradiation and Zone Maps

Solar Sign Lighting Kits Solutions