Electronic Flare 6-Pack

Electronic Flare 6-Pack


Each rechargeable 16-LED flare features nine (9) different flash patterns (including S.O.S. Rescue Morse Code) that are visible up to 1/2 mile. This compact light emits 360° of ultra-bright light and is constructed of crushproof polycarbonate plastic with an impact-resistant rubber housing and can resist extreme temperatures. Each waterproof flare features a strong magnet that easily attaches to any magnetic metal surface or floats on water. The rugged storage case also doubles as a charging base.

The kit includes six flares, storage/charging case, 120V wall charger, and 12V car charger. NFPA, DOT, and MUTCD compliant. Optional in a variety of 5 colors. The rechargeable LED Flares are great for Auto’s in distress, in warehouses equipment, motor boats, on trucks that stops a lot like auto carriers and many more.

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