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Structures and Shelters

Structures and shelters often need power for various reasons, whether for lighting, phone charging, tool power, security systems, Wi-Fi, and even more. Structures such as sheds, bus shelters, and mail shelters benefit greatly from having a source of power. However, these basic power needs often do not merit having these structures tied to the grid. Trenching costs alone can be too much for many budgets, making on-site power the best option. We believe our solar power kits are the best solution for this application.

Our kits are easily installed and retrofitted to existing structures, and our LED lights bring high-quality lights at a low energy and monetary cost. Our kits can provide both lightings to any structure, as well as both AC and DC power. Our kits are fully customizable and can be used virtually anywhere. We have even sent kits to Alaska!

Shipping Container Solar Lighting Kits provide lighting in shipping containers and storage areas with 2 days of battery technology for cloudy, rain, or snow days with 6 hours per day of run time. Prewired Turn-key kits – with Bluetooth technology for smart phone viewing of system data – are easy to set up, reduce wiring and labor costs, and are an efficient alternative to generators. LED lights are rated up to 100,000 hours and the fixtures have magnetic mounting. The Sun-In-One LED lighting fixtures provide you enough light to see to get equipment or supplies out of the container all the way up to high quality lighting to all you to use the Container as a work ship and have enough light to do fine detailed work. The kits are designed to match you needs based on you uses. Also, if you need 110 or 230 volt AC power in the container we can include our Sun-In-One Shed Kit base unit to include AC and cell phone USB 3.0 cell phone charging. If you do not see a kit that fits your needs we can build custom configurations for you just call us for a quote.


Bring remote power to your shed with our solar shed lighting and power kits. Our kits can keep your shed lit, and even power corded power tools with only solar energy. We can custom design our kits to meet your energy needs, and installation is easier and less expensive than a grid-tied system.

Bus Shelters

Keep bus shelters lit and safe through the night with our solar power and lighting kits. Our kits are easily installed into existing structures, and are completely off-grid. With high quality LEDs, passengers will feel safe and comfortable waiting for the bus.


Mail Shelters


Upgrade a community mail shelter with our solar power LED lighting kits. Our kits are easily installed and integrated with existing structures, and help give a community a greener image. Eliminate unnecessary installation costs like trenching while improving a community’s image.




Bring light and power to shipping containers easily with our solar shipping container kits. We provide solar energy units than can light shipping containers being used for storage, as well as power for corded tools. Our kits are quick and easy to install. We also offer timed lights, so that energy isn’t accidentally wasted.


Barns and Out Buildings


Our Solar lighting kits provide lighting in outbuilding and barns so that you have high-quality long-lasting light that allows you to work in space and not just see a little. Our commercial kits give you a turn key solar lighting for providing your remote off grid building the same lighting you would have if it were grid tied..


Power Units for:

Array Location Zone

Zone = Historical Peak Sun Hours in the worst month of the year with solar panel at 45⁰ angle.

Map shows the Zones we have designed standard kits for but all kits need full sun from 8am to 4pm with no shade to the south of your solar panels.

Irradiation and Zone-Maps
Irradiation and Zone Maps

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