100 watt foldable panel

100 watt foldable panel

Sun-In-One™ Foldable 100 Watt Solar Panel is powerful, compact, durable, lightweight and has a cooling fan controlled by a temperature sensor to prevent overheating. The panel folds up neatly into a carrying case with a handle for easy portability and storage when not in use. The sturdy ABS water-resistant frame offers great protection and has a steel bracket stand that adjusts for optimum gathering of power. Built-in storage compartments hold the three different connectors and cables (included): Anderson Plug, Crocodile, and Cigarette Lighter with 15 FT of cord from panel to the battery.

This panel is engineered to work in conjunction with the Sun-In-One™ Portable Battery Box and together with a 12V battery can be used to power LED Lighting, AC Appliances, Laptops or other 110V circuit purposes. Most of the Sun-In-One™ products work in conjunction with one another.

The more Amps produced by the solar panel, the quicker it will charge a battery or product. Thus, the 190 Watt solar panel will charge the same 12V battery almost twice as fast as the 100 Watt panel. The 100 Watt panel is sufficient, but when you want more power faster, then always go with the largest panel.

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Key Features


  • 5-yr warranty on LED lights.
  • 5-yr on the battery.
  • 25-yr limited on the solar panels.
  • Refer to warranty document for detailed warranty information.

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