Streetlighting Motion System
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Street Lighting Motion Sensing System

Our are street lighting system includes motion sensing technology, security cameras and can work AC Dc and AC and just on Solar DC only. The system can detect the presence of pedestrians, cyclists or cars or trucks and adjust the brightness of the streetlights and they number of streetlights that that on full based on the speed of the motion, accordingly to provide optimal coverage and safety for traffic conditions. Street lighting control systems are used to introduce smart technologies into city environments or energy savings on lower tracked road that have a need for safety lighting. They enable efficient, remote and wireless management of street lighting infrastructure to increase its sustainability and ensure the safety of everyone

One of the key features of smart cities is the integration of security cameras with motion sensing LED lighting systems. These systems can enhance the safety and efficiency of urban areas by detecting and responding to human activity. For example, when a person walks by a street light, the camera can activate the LED light to illuminate the path and deter potential criminals. The camera can also send data to a central server that can analyze the traffic patterns and optimize the energy consumption of the lighting system. By using security cameras with motion sensing LED lighting systems, smart cities can improve the quality of life for their citizens and reduce their environmental impact.

Streetlight dimming with motion is a smart technology that allows streetlights to adjust their brightness according to the presence of pedestrians, cyclists or vehicles. This can reduce energy consumption and maintenance costs, as well as light pollution and carbon emissions. Streetlight dimming with motion is more cost effective in the long run than conventional street lighting because it can save up to 80% of electricity and extend the lifespan of the lamps by up to 50%. Additionally, streetlight dimming with motion can improve safety and security by providing adequate lighting when needed and creating a more pleasant environment for residents and visitors.

System includes:

  • LED Streetlights AC or Solar or Both
  • High CRI Streetlights.
  • Intelligent Motion Sensing and dimming.
  • Wifi or Cellular Communication
  • Traffic Counting Analysis
  • License Plate Reading app available
  • Security Camera video from more than one Len


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