Compatibility Statement

Our Focus is on Performance:

Highly Efficient, Reliable Off-Grid Industrial Power and Lighting Solutions

We work closely with our customers to understand power system requirements and provide high quality, comprehensive, reliable, and cost effective power systems to meet customer needs. We constantly evaluate our approach to ensure we are using industry-leading products and the highest standards when building our systems. We are committed to excellence in everything we do, which is why our customers continually come to us with their power needs.

Our real point of difference is that we collaborate with customers to provide custom battery-based power solutions for remote locations to meet each application need.

  • Experienced Project Managers and Engineering Team.
  • Documented quality control manufacturing program.
  • Design and manufacturing of high quality custom aluminum, steel, and fiberglass battery and electronic enclosures
solar lighting

Government/Commercial/International Clients:

Department of Energy

– National Park Service
– Department of Transportation
– Bureau of Land Management
– Honeywell Corporation
– US Army
– Verizon
– Disney
– Siemens
– Sunoco

Shed view wallpack

Products that Differentiate Us:

– Solar Electric Power Systems

– Small to large micro grid power sources

– Security, lighting, monitoring equipment, and more

– Battery backup systems

– Custom solar and LED system design and kit manufacturing

– DC and AC power conditioning systems

– Solar/generator/hybrid systems

– Solar lighting kits for buildings, containers, shelters, signs, and flags

– Solar street lights for pathways, parking lots, fences, and perimeters

– Security camera kits, power kits, backup power kits, AC and DC

– SkyEye™ LED street lights and parking lot lights with optional motion sensing, video surveillance, solar power, and more.