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MicroGrid Large Array Back

Sun-In-One™’s systems are engineered with three (3) days of battery storage compared to other companies that have only one (1) day or less of battery storage. This ensures the Long-Term Life of your system’s battery storage and backup generator, thus substantially reducing future replacement or maintenance costs. Sun-In-One™ Boxed Solar Power Solutions for the Cellular Industry are engineered to run 100% on solar power. They are equipped with battery storage and a generator backup system to guarantee service continuity. All systems can be grid-tied or completely off-grid. Our goal is help you eliminate your maintenance and fuel expenses, deliver service reliability and obtain a good return on investment. Telecom companies can greatly reduce operating costs; the company estimates telecom companies spend 15 to 50% of operating cost on the energy needed to run cell tower. Solar installations with battery backups are more expensive to install upfront, but the yearly operational expenditure is far lower, recouping the investment in about two to four years. We manufacture our system for all markets from Africa to the US and we build DC systems 24 and 48 volt and AC single and 3 Phase systems. Check out the full spec sheet, or Contact us for more information.

MicroGrid Large Array Front
Solar Power Unit for Cell Tower with Diesel Generator Backup

Engineered for 24 Hours/Day with 3 Days Autonomy

Product Information


Kit #

Model # Amps per Hour Solar Panel (kW) Battery


1 CT-5KW-DG 9 5 800



CT-7KW-DG 13 7 1,200 TD13
3 CT-10KW-DG 18 10 1,500



CT-12KW-DG 21 12 2,000 TD13
5 CT-15KW-DG 27 15 2,500



CT-19KW-DG 34 19 3,000 TD20
7 CT-25KW-DG 25 3,800


Solar Power Unit for Cell Tower with Hydrogen Fuel Cell

Engineered for 24 Hours/Day with 3 Days Autonomy

Product Information


Kit #

Model # Watts for Hours Solar Panel (Watts) Battery


8 CT-5KW-HFC 9 5



CT-7KW-HFC 13 7 1,200
10 CT-10KW-HFC 18 10



CT-12KW-HFC 21 12 2,000
12 CT-15KW-HFC 27 15



CT-19KW-HFC 34 19 3,000
14 CT-25KW-HFC 25


Our Systems are design and engineered to meet your needs these configurations include: 

□ Storage Control Systems with Remote Monitoring

□ Designed for 100% Renewable with Genset Backup

□ Hybrid Control System

□ Storage System with Fuel Cell available

□ Deep Cycle Batteries

□ Real time Reporting Systems

□ Plug and Play Design

□ Reduced Fuel Consumption to almost “0”

□ DC or AC Systems Available

□ DC & AC Cooling systems are Available

□ Room enough for the Cell Tower equipment to go in Our Storage unit Also

Solar Panel
Solar Zone Site Map
Solar Zones

Our kits are designed for three-day autonomy. In order to do this, we design for the amount of hours of peak sunlight a certain region gets in a day. Use the map on the right to determine which zone you are in, and include that information in the contact form below. If you are not sure which zone you are in, we can help you figure that out.

Installation Tips

– Make sure your intended location for the solar panel sees no shade between 9 AM and 3 PM. – When installing the panel, make sure it is facing solar south. South on Google Maps is solar south. – If you intend on installing the panel over 20ft from your light, please let us know in the contact form below.

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