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Solar Flag Pole Lighting Kits

Keep your flag and pole lit and proud through the night with Sun-In-One™ Solar Flag Pole Lighting Kits! Our lighting systems use super-bright LED flood lights to make sure your pole can be seen and admired from all sides.

Sun-In-One™ Solar Flag Pole Lighting Kits are complete, turn-key systems that function independently from the grid, meaning our kits are invulnerable to brown-outs or power failures. We’ve designed our systems to work in extreme weather conditions while still producing power and each kit is designed to provide lighting for up to 48 hours without sun.

Our Flag Pole Lighting kits can be installed almost anywhere and provide power right at the point of use. This removes the need for expensive installations costs such as trenching and laying wire, as well as no costly monthly utilities bills, paying for themselves in the long run.

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How to Properly Light a Flagpole with Commercial Solar Lights

The U.S. Flag Code outlines rules and regulations for flying an American flag. If you’re flying a U.S. flag, it’s important to show it off properly. And, you won’t be doing it justice if you purchase an inexpensive, outdated light fixture for illumination.

Proper lighting will not only beautify the flag, but also help showcase your facility in a classic, respectable way. Here is more information on the best ways to light a flagpole and how to avoid some of the most common mistakes.

Flag Lighting Rules and Guidelines

American flags must have “proper illumination.” This generally means a light is specifically placed to illuminate the flag, or the flag should have a light source sufficient to illuminate it so it’s recognizable as such.

While the Flag Code states its universal custom to only display a flag from sunrise to sunset, this isn’t always possible for commercial properties. If the flag is displayed 24 hours per day, it must be properly illuminated during the hours of darkness.

How to Light a Flag Pole

Lighting your flag depends on the size of the flag and fixture selection so for specific guidelines check with the fixture manufacturer as instructions can vary.

  • Generally speaking, light fixtures must be mounted in the ground, not on the flagpole itself.
  • Floodlights may be set back from the pole 1/2 to 1 full pole length.
  • Light fixtures should be aimed at the ball at the top of the pole.
  • For optimum lighting, three fixtures should be used if possible but two can be used if on a budget to illuminate a larger, pole-mounted flag. This ensures the shadow of the pole will not obscure the flag. Three lights also ensure proper illumination regardless of wind strength and direction, accounting for the flag flowing in different ways.

A low field-to-beam ratio can allow for there to be a hard beam, making the light more focused. Another thing to keep in mind is that most commercial solar lights are typically not reliable enough or bright enough to properly illuminate a flag. Using standard fixtures can ensure the flag is properly lit at all times. Our systems have 3 days back up and the solar is strong enough to run that nights lights and charge the battery 50%.

Flag Light Fixture Options

Lighting the flag with respect and reverence involves using the best-quality lighting products available. Set yourself up for success with the proper products to light the flagpole appropriately

Suninone offers alights from 20 to 80 watt LED with a narrow beam angle to which is not only powerful, but it can also illuminate the flagpole properly due to its high lumen output and concentrated narrow beam distribution. In fact, this spotlight can illuminate objects up to 80 feet away should your property need to light a flag that is far away.

Flagpole Length
Maximum Flag Size
6' House Flagpole
3' x 5'
10 Watts
3' x 5'
20 Watts
4' x 6'
20 Watts
5' x 8'
30 Watts
6' x 10'
30 Watts
8' x 12'
30 Watts
10' x 15'
50 Watts
12' x 18'
50 Watts
15' x 25'
50 Watts
20' x 30'
80 Watts


“Sun-In-One solar flag lighting systems are an efficient means to provide high quality lighting without the need for standard utility power. Every system provides cost savings by eliminating the need to trench standard electric wires for installation and providing no electric bill for the life of the system. Commercial solar flagpole lights have been installed for many businesses, parks, memorials and residential areas and provide security, sustainability and an overall green image.

American flags must have “proper illumination.” This generally means a light is specifically placed to illuminate the flag, or the flag should have a light source sufficient to illuminate it so it’s recognizable as such.

Key Features


  • 5 year warranty on LED lights
  • 5 year warranty on the battery
  • 25 year limited warranty on the solar panels

Installation Tips

  • Make sure your intended location for the solar panel sees no shade between 9 AM and 3 PM.
  • When installing the panel, make sure it is facing solar south. South on Google Maps is solar south.
  • If you intend on installing the panel over 20ft from your light, please let us know in the contact form.

Solar Zones

Our kits are designed for three-day autonomy. In order to do this, we design for the amount of hours of peak sunlight a certain region gets in a day. Use the map  to determine which zone you are in, and include that information in the contact form. If you are not sure which zone you are in, we can help you figure that out.

Irradiation and Zone-Maps
Irradiation and Zone Maps

Select your Solar Zone

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