Solar Flag Pole Lighting Kits

Solar Flag Pole Lighting Kits

3 Flags in Landscape Lights

Keep your flag and pole lit and proud through the night with Sun-In-One™ Solar Flag Pole Lighting Kits! Our lighting systems use super-bright LED flood lights to make sure your pole can be seen and admired from all sides. Sun-In-One™ Solar Flag Pole Lighting Kits are complete, turn-key systems that function independently from the grid, meaning our kits are invulnerable to brown-outs or power failures. We’ve designed our systems to work in extreme weather conditions while still producing power, and each kit is designed to provide lighting for up to 48 hours without sun. Our Flag Pole Lighting kits can be installed almost anywhere and provide power right at the point of use. This removes the need for expensive installations costs such as trenching and laying wire, as well as no costly monthly utilities bills, paying for themselves in the long run. Contact us to receive a User Manual or for any other questions you may have.

Engineered for 3 Day Autonomy for 7 Days/Week Dusk Until Dawn

Product Information

Kit # Model # (# of LED Lights in 1 container)

(Watts – Lumens)

(# of Solar Panels) Wattage

(# of Batteries)



SFLK1 (2) 10W – 2,400 (2) 100 (1) 105
2 SFLK2 (2) 20W – 4,800 (1) 300

(2) 105


SFLK3 (2) 30W – 7,200 (1) 375 (2) 140
4 SFLK4 (2) 50W – 12,000 (2) 300

(4) 115


SFLK5 (2) 80W – 19,200 (3) 330 (4) 160
6 SFLK6 (2) 100W – 24,000 (3) 400

(4) 234


SFLK7 (3) 10W – 3,600 (2) 100 (1) 140
8 SFLK8 (3) 20W – 7,200 (1) 375

(2) 140


SFLK9 (3) 30W – 10,800 (2) 300 (4) 105
10 SFLK10 (3) 50W – 18,000 (3) 300

(4) 215


Sun-In-One solar flag lighting systems are an efficient means to provide high quality lighting without the need for standard utility power. Every system provides cost savings by eliminating the need to trench standard electric wires for installation and providing no electric bill for the life of the system. Commercial solar flagpole lights have been installed for many businesses, parks, memorials and residential areas and provide security, sustainability and an overall green image.

Key Features

– Super bright white lights for greater visibility

– Immune to brown-out or power failures

– Plug-and-play design means a simple, low cost installation

– No monthly utility bills

– Controllable lighting times lets you choose when lights turn on and off

– Reliable LED lights: no flickering, last over 50,000 hours

– Waterproof and durable enclosure with water resistant hardware

– Environmentally friendly


5 year warranty on LED lights

5 year warranty on the battery

25 year limited warranty on the solar panels

Solar Zone Site Map
Solar Zones

Our kits are designed for three-day autonomy. In order to do this, we design for the amount of hours of peak sunlight a certain region gets in a day. Use the map on the right to determine which zone you are in, and include that information in the contact form below. If you are not sure which zone you are in, we can help you figure that out.

Installation Tips

– Make sure your intended location for the solar panel sees no shade between 9 AM and 3 PM.

– When installing the panel, make sure it is facing solar south. South on Google Maps is solar south.

– If you intend on installing the panel over 20ft from your light, please let us know in the contact form below.

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