Solar Traffic Monitor Power Kits

Solar Power Unit for 24 HR Traffic Monitoring

Solar Power to provide power 24 hours/day for you traffic flow and monitoring unit in any location, whether it’s remote and has no access to power it’s too costly to connect to the grid. Our systems are engineered for three days of autonomy of battery storage in case of incelement weather. Different regions have varying peak sunlight hours, so customized kits may require more or less solar power and battery storage.

Standard kits are available for 12V or 24V systems, and can be customized for 110V power as well. Both lithium and AGM batteries are available.

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Kit # Solar Panels Total Watts per 24 Hours Spec Sheet
Kit 1 (1) 100W 10W Link
Kit 2 (3) 50W 15W Link
Kit 3 (2) 100 20W Link
Kit 4 (1) 280 25W Link
Kit 5 (1) 300 30W Link

Solar Traffic Monitor Power Kits Quote

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