Rail Way
Power Products

Rail Way Power Products

Railway Safety Light Solar powered LED lights for railway safety, 24 Hours Flasher Solar powered Rail Road warning flasher signal is the cost effective solution to your Railroad crossing safety problems. 

Rail Road 24/7 Secure deploy railroad Suninone Solar Signal power Solutions, Remote Solar Power Systems specifically designed to meet the unique demands of the railroad industry.

Engineered to ensure that the solar power supply is properly configured and installed to deliver years of top-level performance, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With over 20 years of railroad product design, the Suninone experienced team of Engineers are dedicated to providing the very best solution for your railroad application.


  • Solar Street Lights for Crossing and Traffic Safety
  • Shipping Container Lighting Kits
  • 2-Volt Track Circuit systems and Controllers
  • AEI Equipment
  • Approach Lit Signals
  • Control Points
  • Dragging Equipment Detectors

  • Electric Switch Locks
  • Grade Crossings
  • Hot Box Detectors
  • Intermediate / Approach Lit Signals
  • Railroad Crossing Warning Systems
  • Repeater Locations
  • Switch Machines
  • Telecommunication Power Supplies
  • Microwave Communications
  • Wayside Signaling

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