what to know in purchasing a shipping-container lighting kit

What people need to know in purchasing a Shipping Container lighting Kit?

Solar shipping container lighting kits are a convenient and cost-effective way to provide illumination for off-grid applications. These kits include solar panels, batteries, charge controllers, LED lights, wiring, and mounting hardware.

Some of the information people need to know when looking for a solar shipping container lighting kits are:

The power output and efficiency of the solar panels:
(21% is Best in the Market)

The battery capacity and lifespan of the batteries.
5 year warranty on AGM battery’s and 7 years on Lithium and you need to have at least 3 days storage of your loads if you only use the system every few days you can get away with 2 days of storage this reduces the cost but shortens the life of some the batteries.

The features and functions of the charge controllers.

An MPPT controller that saves up to 30 % more energy than that of a PMW controller and stores the history of the solar and usage production for up to 30 days easier understanding of the system if there is a future issue.

The brightness and color temperature of the LED lights.
High CRI over 90 and 4000K are best for light quality and lumen output.

The length and quality of the wiring

One size does not fit all Custom is best or standard layout all prewired. The longer the run or higher the amps the larger the wire size needs to be

The ease and security of the mounting hardware

2 – 100 pounds of magnetic force on each 10 pound fixture gives you more than enough strength for a ballasted system but pole mounted solar panels need to be mounted higher that the shipping container) The battery box can be mounted in a shipping container but putting two 2X4 from floor to ceiling and mounting the box to them

The warranty and customer service of the kit provider.

5 years on Parts and Labor if the system is one year you get what you pay for because if they will not stand behind it for more than a year you have to ask why?

Can you add AC to the kit to charge battery’s or Cell phone and other electronic devices.

Yes, but that Is not just a lighting kit and it is lighting and power kit is sized based on estimated usage.

Shading on the solar panel.

If you have any shading of the solar panel you need to add more solar panels to help cover this limiting of production. The Best solar window is from 9am to 4 PM. To the south in the northern hemisphere and north in the southern hemisphere.