Demand for internet is increasing around the world, especially in rural areas where infrastructure is sparse. People in remote locations are relying more and more on internet connectivity for their survival, advertising their businesses and communicating with the rest of the world. When customers are few and far between, running fiber is not cost-effective, especially considering the more rugged landscapes found outside major urban centers. As a result, more and more ISPs are turning to Wi-Fi mesh networks to provide connectivity for their hard-to-reach customers. This in turn creates another problem in need of solving: How do you power remote antennas critical to a network reliably without expensive grid hook-ups?
Sun-In-One Solar Wi-Fi Power Kits are carefully designed and manufactured to provide reliable, constant power for any variety of Wi-Fi network nodes. We are capable of sizing our power systems to any need, from simple point-to-point nodes to large point-to-multipoint base stations with high consumption requirements. Our rugged kits are distinguished by their superior reliability: we take into account local conditions, including solar exposure, temperatures, weather patterns, and the surrounding landscape. A little work up front ensures your network will never go down as a result of power failure, resulting in a robust Wi-Fi network that your customers can depend on and that you can modify and scale to fit your changing needs.
Advertise to your customers that their internet is coming to them completely free of carbon emissions, and prove to them your commitment to the future. With our Solar Power Kits, your Wi-Fi network is free of fuel and utility costs, and maintenance costs are a simple as maintaining line of sight and good solar exposure. Our battery banks are designed to last for over 5 years, often times lasting 10 years without need for replacement. These banks are easily replaced as well, and can even be increased to accommodate future growth, meaning your Wi-Fi network can be as dynamic as your customer base.
– Battery banks designed for 3 days of autonomy for your specific loads
– Standard NEMA 3R aluminum enclosures ensure rugged environmental protection for sensitive electronics, with NEMA 4 stainless steel and fiberglass enclosures available upon request
– Easily deployed mountings for boxes and solar panels allow for a variety of options for install locations
– MPPT Charge controller with Bluetooth ensures maximum efficiency and allows for easy system monitoring
– Overcurrent protection, overcharge and over discharge protection, and grounding facilities come standard to make sure you meet local codes, with lightning protection as an option
– Pre-wired systems result in drastically reduced install times and costs, meaning you can set up your network faster and cheaper than your competitors
– Battery box that fits under the school bus seat and bolts to the floor of the Bus
– Flexible solar panels that go on top of the bus or bus shelter.

Wireless Wi-Fi Repeater
Wireless Point to Point System
Wireless Point to Multi Point System
Wireless Mesh Network
Wireless Video Backhauling
WI-FI Access Points
School Bus WIFI Access Point

Wi-Fi Hotspots
School WI-FI Networks
Campus Wi-Fi Networks
Inner City Learning WI-FI Networks
Rural WI-FI Networks
Cellular Wi-Fi Hot Spot
Transit Bus Shelters Wi-Fi Hot Spots

DC Power Kit Sizes, Based on 24/7 Consumption for 12V & 24V
Kit NumberContinues Watts neededSolar Array (Zone 3)Battery Bank
Kit 110W(1) 100W(1) 12V 105Ah
Kit 215W(2) 100W(1) 12V 140Ah
Kit 320W(2) 100W(2) 12V 105Ah
Kit 425W(1) 330W(2) 12V 115Ah
Here at Sun-In-One we are used to working with a customer’s unique needs. 90% of the kits we sell end up being customized in some way, so please let our representatives know if you have any special concerns. Our capabilities extended beyond point-of-use Solar Power Kits, and through our adaptability we have gained extensive experience with telecommunications and the variety of needs that exist in the field.
Solar UPS and Backup Power Systems

Solar UPS and Backup Power SystemsSolar UPS and Backup Power SystemsFor extreme reliability, we have designed Solar Power Kits capable of integrating a grid connection. This means you can use the grid as your primary power source, and in the event of grid failures, our solar power system will ensure your Wi-Fi repeaters never lose power. With a switching speed of less than 40ms, you can assure your customers that they will be able to communicate even in an emergency situation. You can even reverse the operation, using solar power as your primary source with the grid as your backup, reducing your energy bills while providing an extra layer of reliability.

AC Backup Wi-Fi Repeaters

Standard Kit Sizes, Based on 24/7 Consumption
Kit NumberWatts neededDesigned System AHrBattery Bank
Wi-Fi AC Kit 110W0.83 AHr 12V(1) 12V 105Ah
Wi-Fi AC Kit 215W1.25 AHr 12V(1) 12V 140Ah
WI-FI AC Kit 320W0.83 AHr 24V(2) 12V 105Ah
WI-FI AC Kit 430W1.25 AHr 24V(2) 12V 140Ah
WI-FI AC Kit 540W1.67 ahr 24V(4) 12V 105AH

Solar Power for Wi-Fi Access Points

Solar Power for Wi-Fi Access Points

Power remote Wi-Fi access points for schools, bus stops, busses, and other remote or mobile locations. We have provided remote Wi-Fi access kits for a wide variety of unique locations, as well as mobile hotspots. Our systems are currently powering remote Wi-Fi hotspots on school busses being used to provide internet to lower-income children for learning at a distance. These kits typically work best with a cellular modem for ease of use and install, but can be set up with a point-to-point system. Cellular modems or Wi-Fi antennas can be provided by us or furnished by the customer.

Standard Kit Sizes, Based on 24/7 Consumption

Kit Number Continues Watts needed Solar panel Flush mounted Battery Bank
Wi-Fi Bus Kit 1 10W 100 Watts (1) 12V 105Ah
Wi-Fi Bus Kit 2 15W 200 Watts (1) 12V 140Ah
WI-FI Bus Kit 3 20W 300 Watts (2) 12V 105Ah
WI-FI Bus Kit 4 30W 400 Watts (2) 12V 140Ah
WI-FI Bus Kit 5 40W 600 Watts (4) 12V 105AH

Solar WI-FI Telecommunication Towers

Solar WI-FI Telecommunication Towers

Solar WI-FI Telecommunication Towers

Sun-In-One is at the forefront of point-of-use power, and we have developed systems capable of powering large telecommunication towers used for large areas and long-range communications. Our containerized systems are completely pre-fabricated to minimize installation costs, and are easily deployed to even the most remote locations. These systems come with backup generation, using either diesel generators or hydrogen fuel cells at your preference. Our systems are also plug-and-play, greatly reducing your install time. These systems are typically designed for DC loads as most telecoms equipment is DC, but we can provide AC power upon request. Learn more here (LINK TO SOLAR POWER CELL TOWERS PAGE)

Wi-Fi Tower Kits Sizes, Based on 24/7 Consumption

Kit Number Continues Watts needed Solar Array (Zone 3) Battery Bank
Wi-Fi T1 500W (3) 330W (2) 24V 1150Ah
Wi-Fi T2 750W (6) 330W (1) 24V 2000Ah
Wi-Fi T3 1000W (8) 400W (1) 48V 2000Ah
Wi-Fi T4 1500W (10) 400W (2) 48V 1500Ah


Sometimes the best place for a Wi-Fi Repeater isn’t the best place for a Solar Power Kit, and vice versa. Our collaborations with ISPs over the years have given us first-hand experience in telecommunication installations. Our team of experienced engineers and technicians stands at the ready to aid your network rollout, using creative problem solving to overcome or circumnavigate even the largest obstacles in the most cost-effective manner possible. We are willing to travel to any jobsite both before and during rollout. A little extra planning beforehand can save you from expensive headaches later on, and our unique perspective will give you the edge you need to keep your network rollout on time and on budget.

Consultation Services include:

– Design and Engineering (cell communication, aviation, remote power)
– Site Survey with Soil Investigation
– Site Preparation
– Site Supervision by SIO Technician
– Installation of “Customized Container” to include ground mount or pole mount racking
– system, solar panels, wiring, optional backup Hydrogen Fuel Cell or diesel generator, and connection of system to Cell Tower
– Commissioning of SIO power systems or Micro Grid
– Consulting on existing systems
– Ring Retrofitting and repairing existing systems
– FOB or Freight to the jobsite
– Full turnkey systems available


Component Warranty Overview:

– PV Modules and accessories: 25 Year Standard Manufacturer Warranty
– PV Flexible Solar Panels have 5 year warranty
– Racking and Mounting Structure: 10 Years
– Controllers for Micro-Grid: 5 Years
– Batteries for Micro-Grid: 5 Years limited
– All instruments, meters and protection systems: 2 Years
– Control and monitoring system, including software and hardware: 1 Year
– Workmanship: 5 Years
Irradiation and Zone Maps

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