Solar WI-FI Power Kits​

Solar & AC Battery Backup WI-FI Power Kits​

Demand for internet is increasing around the world, especially in rural areas where infrastructure is sparse. People in remote locations are relying more and more on internet connectivity for their survival, advertising their businesses and communicating with the rest of the world. When customers are few and far between, running fiber is not cost-effective, especially considering the more rugged landscapes found outside major urban centers. As a result, more and more ISPs are turning to Wi-Fi mesh networks to provide connectivity for their hard-to-reach customers. This in turn creates another problem in need of solving: How do you power remote antennas critical to a network reliably without expensive grid hook-ups? Sun-In-One Solar Wi-Fi Power Kits are carefully designed and manufactured to provide reliable, constant power for any variety of Wi-Fi network nodes. We are capable of sizing our power systems to any need, from simple point-to-point nodes to large point-to-multipoint base stations with high consumption requirements. Our rugged kits are distinguished by their superior reliability: we take into account local conditions, including solar exposure, temperatures, weather patterns, and the surrounding landscape. A little work up front ensures your network will never go down as a result of power failure, resulting in a robust Wi-Fi network that your customers can depend on and that you can modify and scale to fit your changing needs.

Solar UPS and Backup Power Systems

For extreme reliability, we have designed Solar Power Kits capable of integrating a grid connection. This means you can use the grid as your primary power source, and in the event of grid failures, our solar power system will ensure your Wi-Fi repeaters never lose power. With a switching speed of less than 40ms, you can assure your customers that they will be able to communicate even in an emergency situation. You can even reverse the operation, using solar power as your primary source with the grid as your backup, reducing your energy bills while providing an extra layer of reliability.

Solar Zones

Our kits are designed for three-day autonomy. In order to do this, we design for the amount of hours of peak sunlight a certain region gets in a day. Use the map  to determine which zone you are in, and include that information in the contact form. If you are not sure which zone you are in, we can help you figure that out.

Irradiation and Zone-Maps
Irradiation and Zone Maps

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