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Solar Sign Light Kit 10

Externally Lit Solar Sign Kit # 10 (60 Watts)

Sun-In-One™ solar sign and landscape lighting kits are not just for sign lighting. In fact, they can be used for a wide variety of applications: Residential lighting, driveways and perimeters, advertising, subdivision entrances, buildings and outbuildings, landscaping and construction.  The versatility of our solar sign lights adds to the incredible value that these kits provide.

Sun-In-One's™ solar sign and landscape bright white lights make it easier for people to see advertising, signage and buildings, increases business and discourages crime around and along buildings and property lines, enhancing security. Solar powered lighting is a powerful deterrent for vandalism, theft and mischief.

Sun-In-One's LED lighting systems are built with sturdy, corrosive and vandal resistant aluminum and stainless steel hardware. LED lights are protected with polycarbonate lenses, AGM dry cell batteries, and associated hardware are protected with a 5 year warranty that includes a 25 year limited warranty on solar panels. Sun-In-One's lighting systems are easy to install and are not susceptible to power outages. Our energy management technology provides a minimum 4 night backup in case of inclement weather to ensure reliable illumination. Our LED lighting technology lasts for a minimum of 65,000 hours (L70) with out light bulb replacements required.

Advantages of Solar Sign and Landscape Lighting

 Operate completely free by using the power of the sun – eliminate the cost of electricity (rising 3.3% yearly on average over the past 30 years).

• Practical and cost effective to install – the cost to run traditional electricity to a distant sign near the road or far from the building is more expensive than one of our kits. No costly trenching to run wire underground or replacing the disturbed property. Systems are standalone and install in 90 minutes or less next to the sign.

• Versatile – no matter how large or small or what type of sign or object you need light for, we have a solution  with one of our 11 Kits. Call us for a custom kit to fit your needs.

• Green Image – not only will you reduce your carbon footprint, but the public will automatically associate you or your company as an innovative entity that cares about the environment.


 (1) 280 Watt Panel
 (2) 30 watt LED Lights (2250 Lumens each) 
 (2) 12 Volt 140 Amp Hour AGM Batteries
  Fiberglass Battery Box for 24V battery system, Racking, Fixtures, Connectors, Charge Controller 


Key design features include:
Whole System Integration - The Battery Box is pre-wired with the battery and other components.
Durability - Built with Grade “A” corrosion resistant fiberglass, aluminum and steel and comes with
water resistant hardware.
Simplicity - Easy operation, the system is plug-and-charge, after simple mounting of panels and racking.
Low Maintenance – Battery is maintenance-free, panels last 25 years


5-yr warranty on LED lights
5-yr on warranty  the battery
25-yr limited warranty on the solar panels
Optional Add-ons – Modular design enables add-on panels to keep pace with growth or demand