Are you looking for a way to illuminate your gazebo with solar power?


we have many options to choose from. Solar gazebo lights are a great solution for outdoor lighting that is eco-friendly, energy-efficient and cost-effective. Here are some information of gazebo solar lighting that you might find useful. Solar gazebo lights are LED lights that are powered by a solar panel with a battery and solar and […]

what to know in purchasing a shipping-container lighting kit

Shipping Container Kits

What people need to know in purchasing a Shipping Container lighting Kit? Solar shipping container lighting kits are a convenient and cost-effective way to provide illumination for off-grid applications. These kits include solar panels, batteries, charge controllers, LED lights, wiring, and mounting hardware. Some of the information people need to know when looking for a […]

How to pick a solar power kit for a security camera


First, you need to know how much power your camera communications and switching consumes and how long it needs to run per day. You need to know three things in determining this power you need to know the voltage of each devise, the Wattage and the amperage. If you have two of the three you […]

What is CRI?

CRI Comparison picture for Article

CRI is a measure of a lights sources ability to show objects colors “realistically or naturally” compared with their true color or Sunlight. High CRI lights also put off professional level of color all the time, this used to be reserved just for professional photographers or Art galleries. Whether you’re an artistic person or not, […]