Frequently Asked Questions

Is Solar Energy Right for You?

It can be difficult to tell whether or not Solar Energy is the right solution for your energy and lighting needs, but more often than not, it is! Our custom built solar powered kits are versatile enough to fit most uses and most places. We have even sent kits to Alaska! If you need low-voltage DC power, our solar powered kits are right for you. We have engineered our solar powered solutions to bring power to just about anything, from small LED lights for interior and exterior lighting, to small villages. Anywhere remote that needs an energy supply is a great candidate for Solar Power. Major advantages of using solar power include drastically reduced installation costs, little or no energy bill, plug-and-play capabilities, minimal maintenance, it helps the environment, and it helps you create a green image for yourself and/or company.

What should I consider when choosing a kit?

This depends completely on what you want to provide power and/or lighting for. Things to consider include: -Is the application for inside or outside? -What voltage do you need? -Do you need DC current, AC current, or both? -Do you need lighting, power, or both? -If you need power, what are your intended loads? -How many days of autonomy do you need?

How many Watts does my system require?

In order to best estimate which kit you need, simply add up the wattage of all the lights or appliances that will be running off the kit, and round UP to our nearest kit wattage. For example, say you want to light 4 lamps, each at 7 Watts, and for 8 hours a day. This gives a total of 28 Watts. From here, simply choose a kit capable of providing 28 Watts or more.

I can't find a kit that fits my needs

If you can't find a specified solar power kit that is right for your needs, contact us and we can help you build your own fully-customized kit. We have experience with just about every application possible for our kits. We understand that each situation is different, and we are fully prepared to meet your power and lighting needs. Some examples of what our kits can be used for are:
-Dock lighting and surveillance -Oil well and pump power and surveillance -Pipeline monitoring -Pathway lighting and surveillance -Remote site power and surveillance -Solar water pumping kits
-Lighting and signaling -Environmental monitoring -Water and wastewater monitoring -Automation and controls -Seismic monitoring
-Radio Tower Lighting -Rail switching and monitoring -Defense and military applications -Agricultural monitoring -Remote gate power

What is your turn-around time?

We typically ship our kits within 5 days of receiving payment. For large systems such as our micro grids and cell phone tower power units however, the turn-around time will be longer and may vary per order.